How To Store Great Tasting Coffees?

How To Store Great Tasting Coffees?

Saravella is a great tasting Italian artisan coffee. How can you make sure our coffee stays that way?

The biggest enemies of coffee are: Air, Moisture, Heat, and Light.

To keep your beans fresher for longer periods, keep them away as best you can from these 4 things.

And, to ensure that you're brewing the most delicious coffee you can, you must store your unused beans or ground coffee properly. 

1.)  Storage: Storing coffee beans in airtight containers in a cool, dark, and dry place is best. You can store your beans in whatever you have handy at home, but if you're looking for something a little more specialized in preserving your beans, a vacuum sealed storage container is a great choice.

Lots of light and heat are also going to impact the taste of your coffee. Keep it off of your sunlit countertop, nor near the stove. Again, a cool, dark and dry place like a cupboard or pantry is best.

2.)  Beware of the Fridge:  Some people do store coffee in the fridge, but it’s actually one of the worst places to put your beans. Most refrigerators and freezers are notorious for high levels of moisture. Coffee beans are very porous and will absorb moisture and odors.

Ground Coffee: For ground coffee, same rules apply. Avoid, air, moisture, heat, and light. For an already opened ground coffee bag, close it up tight, wrap tight with a rubber band, and place in a zipper/slider storage bag, squeezing the air out.

Finally, if your coffee preparation methods include starting with whole coffee beans, of course, for best flavor always grind them right before brewing.

With either beans or ground, proper storage will ensure every cup of Saravella tastes fantastico!

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